The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

1853: deed no. 1853-25-19 Meredith to Meredith marriage settlement

Registry of Deeds 1853-25-19

[Brief partial transcription]

14 Jun 1853 marriage settlement between 1. Philip Meredith of
Reary Valley 2. Gertrude Meredith of Rearymore spinster daughter of late Joseph
of Rearymore 3. Anne Meredith of Capparogan widow of said Joseph and Mary
Meredith of Cappargan sister of sd. Anne 4. Rice Meredith of Rerymore 5. William
Meredith of Derrylough and William Dempsey of Dublin Trustees to and for the
purposes within. [Agreed…. Rice brother of Gertrude pays immediately after
solemnization of marriage £200 as a marriage portion and £217-16s-10d of
Government stock Gertrude entitled to transferred to be held by Wm. Meredith and
Wm. Dempsey ………..]