The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

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There is an icon at the top of the biographical page for each individual. Clicking the icon displays a pedigree chart with known parents and siblings for that person. This icon after the name of a child in the Family Section on a person's page indicates that the child had children.

An icon G next to a place name indicates that the location can be displayed in a Google map by clicking the icon.

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The various Family Lines on this website have coloured icons associated with them, as shown in the following table. An icon is placed against a person's name on their biographical page to show which Family Line they belong to. The icons are also shown against the names that are displayed when clicking on a surname in the Surname Index.

Rearymore Family Line
Clonenagh Family Line
Wicklow Family Line
Bishop Richard Meredith Family Line
Kerry Family Line
Sligo Family Line
Other Family Lines
Down Family Line
Carlow Family Line
Armagh Family Line