The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

1879: deed no. 1879-55-116 Meredith to Meredith

Registry of Deeds 1879-55-116
William Meredith to Rice Meredith

A Memorial of an Indenture made the tenth day of
November in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy nine between William
Meredith of Ballychristal in the Kings County Esquire of the first part Camille
Higgin of Liverpool in the County of Lancaster Spinster of the second part and
Rice Meredith of Derrylough in the Queens County Esqire hereinafter called the
said Trustee of the third part. Reciting Indenture of lease bearing date the
Eleventh day of July One Thousand Eight Hundred and seventy nine whereby
Elizabeth M Ridgeway Annie Ridgeway Thomas Newcome Ridgeway Rebecca Jane
Ridgeway and Ida Mary Ridgeway devised untothe said William Meredith All that
part of the lands of Ballychristal as described in the map thereunto annexed
situate in the Barony of Upper Philipstown Kings County containing one hundred
and eighty acres Irish plantation measure or thereabouts with the dwelling house
farm buildings and appurtenances thereto belonging. Except as therein was
excepted To hold the same unto the said William meredith his Executots
Administrators and assigns for the term of thirty one years from the first day
of May One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy Nine Subject to the yearly rent of
Three Hundred and Sixty Pounds payable half yearly and to the several covenants
and conditions in said lease expressed and contained And [further] [xxx] as
therein Said Indenture Witnessed that for the considerations therein mentioned
he the said William Meredith thereby charged the sum of two thousand pounds
(secured by the bond of the said William Meredith as therein mentioned) and all
interest which should become due therein upon all that and those lands and
premises comprised in and demised by the said indenture of lease of the Eleventh
day of July One Thousand eight hundred and seventy nine and therein described
and upon all the real and personal property of every kind [xxxx] of [xx] to
which the said William Meredith then was or thereafter should be entitled and it
was thereby agreed and declared that the said Trustee his executors and
administrations should stand possessed of the said sum of two thousand pounds
secured as aforesaid upon the several and respective [xxx] thereinafter declared
and concerning the same and which said deed and this memorial as to the
execution thereof by the said William Meredith same is witnessed by William Rice
Meredith of Number 13 Parliament Street in the City of Dublin Solicitor and
Robert O'Brien of number 1 Richmond Terrace Rathmines in the County of Dublin
law clerk and as to the execution of said deed by said Camille Higgin same is
witnessed by said William Rice Meredith and Robert O'Brien Wm. Meredith seal
signed and sealed by the said William Meredith in presence of Wm Rice Meredith
13 Parliament St Dublin [xxx] Robt O'Brien 1 Richmond Terrace Rathmines Law
Clerk The within named Robert O'Brien maketh oath and saith he is a subscribing
witness to the deed of which the within writing is a memorial and also to said
memorial saith he was present and did see said deed and Memorial respectively
duly executed by the within named William meredith and also was [present and did
see said deed executed by the within named Camille Higgin saith that he name
Robert O'Brien subscribed as a witness to said deed and memorial respectively is
this deponents propoer name and hand wriing Robert O'Brien swore before me this
1st day of December 1879 at no 26 Eustace Strt in the City of Dublin Alf xx
Middleton a Commissioner to administer Oaths for the Supreme Court of Judicature
in Ireland