The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

1760: deed no. 205-577-137415 Rice Meredith et al to Hornby et al

Registry of Deeds 205-577-137415
Rice Meredith, wife and others to Hornby et al.
Regd. 22 Nov 1760 at 12 noon.

The said deed bearing date 19 Nov 1760 between Mary Hornby of Deerpark in the
Queen’s County Rice Meredith and Mary Meredith otherwise Hornby his wife and
Jane Hornby spinster all of Rerimore in the Queens’ County. Recites that
William Hornby late of Clonenagh in the Queen’s County being seized of the lands
of Deerpark Clonenagh Cappagh and Dirraugh in the Queen’s County devised the
same to his son Philip Hornby during his natural life subject to the payment of
£800 to his daughters Mary and Jane and if said Philip should die without issue
then he devised the same to his son William also subject to said sum of £800 and
Recites that Philip died intestate and without issue and that William took out
letters of administration to his said father and brother and possessed himself
of said lands and premises and that upon a settlement of accounts between said
William Mary and Jane concerning said legacies of £400 each it appeared there
was due to unto the said Mary and Jane the sum of £361 each and said William in
order to pay off the same did by a deed by him executed on 12 March 1757 assign
all his rights and title to said lands of Clonenagh Cappagh Deerpark and
Dirraugh unto his mother Mary Hornby and Richard Odlum for the life of the said
Mary and Jane to receive the rents xxxx and profits of said lands and therexxx
to pay said Mary and Jane each the sum of £90 or to each so much as should
appear to be half the yearly profit rent of said lands excepting an annuity or
yearly sum of £20 bequeathed to said Mary the Elder by the said Wm. decd. Also
reciting that by articles of intermarriage dated the 16 January 1759 and made
between said Mary Hornby the Elder Rice Meredith Mary Hornby spinster said Wm.
Hornby and others the sum of £400 fortune of said Mary is mentioned to be a
charge on said lands of Clonenagh Cappagh Deerpark and Dirraugh and said Mary
the Widow who was the duly acting Trustee under the deed of March 1757 by said
marriage articles invested Rice Meredith with all the power which she had under
said deed of March 1757 and of calling in said annuity of £90 notwithstanding
which said Mary continued to receive the same. Also recites that said Rice and
Mary Meredith and Jane Hornby filed their Bill against the said Mary Hornby Wm.
Hornby and others for several matters but particularly for the Rents and Profits
of said lands of Clonenagh Cappagh Deerpark and Dirraugh until they should be
paid what should appear due on account of said legacies. Also recites that on
the 1 Oct last said Mary Hornby William Rice and Jane came to an amount
concerning the sums received by said Mary out of the said lands and the sums due
unto the said Rice and Jane and there was due unto the said Rice the principal
sum of £335-16s-3½d and the sum of £6-1s-9d interest thereof to the 12 March
last and there was also due unto the said Jane the like sum of £335-16s-3½d and
the sum of £6-1s-9d interest to said 12 March last and upon settling said amount
it also appeared that Mary the Elder received out of said lands a principal sum
of £50-7s-5d for which she did not account or pay to said Rice Mary Jane or
either of them. Also said Deed sets forth that said Mary the Elder in order to
pay off said sum of £671-12s-7d and interest to the 12 March 1757 did give
grant assign and make over to said Rice and Jane Hornby all the Right and Title
which she had under the Deed of the 12 March 1757 or otherwise in and to the
said lands of Clonenagh, Cappagh and Dirraugh except the said annuity of £20 to
hold the same xx the xxx and profits thereof until they should be xxx paid said
sum of £671-12s-7d and the interest thereof The said Deed further sets forth
that the said Mary the Elder in order to pay off said sum of £63-0s-11d [?] and
the interest therof from the 12 March last hath assigned over to the said Rice
Meredith and Jane Hornby the yearly sum of £10 being half the said annuity of
£20 payable to her out of the said lands of Deerpark until they shall be paid
said sum of £63-0s-11d and interest thereof In which said Deed is contained
divers other clauses as relation being thereunto had may more fully appear [?]
which Deeds witnessed by Matthew Meredith of Rerimore in the Queen’s County Gent
and Robert Hill of Derrylusky Labourer and this Memorial was duly executed by
the sd. Rice Meredith in presence of the said Mathew Meredith and Robert Hll.
Rice Meredith [seal] signed and sealed in the presence of us Matthew Meredith
and Robert Hill