The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

1765: deed no. 235-544-155623 Earl of Mountrath to Meredith

Registry of Deeds 235-544-155623

No. 155623 Earl of Mountrath to Meredith
Reg[ister]ed the 4th Day of June 1765 near a Quarter of an hour after 11 O’Clock in the forenoon

1: A Memorial of an Indented Deed of Lease Dated the twenty sixth
2: Day of February one thousand seven hundred and fifty six made between
3: the Right Hon[oura]ble Charles Henry Earl of Montrath of the one part
4: and Thomas Meridith of Rouinore in the Queens County farmer of
5: the other part Reciting that whereas the Right Hon[oura]ble Diana Countess
6: Dowager of Montrath Did by Indenture of Lease Dated the third Day
7: of December one seven hundred and fifty one Demised to said Thomas Meridith
8: all that and those the farm and Lands Rouinore Situate in the Barony
9: of Tinnehinch and Queens County at and under the yearly Rent Covenants
10: and agreements in the said Lease mentioned by virtue whereof the said
11: Thomas Meredith was then in the poss[ess]ion of said Lands Now the
12: Indenture whereof this is a memorial Witnesseth that the said
13: Charles Henry Earl of Montrath for and in consideration of the
14: rents covenants and agreements in the said Lease mentioned thereby
15: Demised and to farm let unto the said Thomas Meredith all that and those
16: the farm and Lands of Rouinore aforesaid Situate in the Barony of Tinnehinch
17: and Queens County Containing by Estimation three hundred and twenty
18: acres one Rood & twenty Perches Arable Land meadow and pasture
19: plantation measure be the same more or less together with all and
20: Singular the Bogs Commons Rights members and appurtenances
21: thereto belonging or in anywise appertaining Except as by the said
22: Lease is Excepted to hold the said Demised prem[is]es to the said Thomas
23: Meredith his heirs and assigns from and after the Death of the said R[igh]t
24: Hon[oura]ble Countess Dowager of Montrath for and During the natural
25: Lives and life of the said Thomas Meridith Rice Meridith and
26: Mathew Meridith Eldest and youngest sons of the said Thomas Meredith
27: and the survivors and survivor of them subject to the payment of the
28: yearly rent of one hundred and thirty three pounds six shillings and
29: Eight pence together with one shilling by the pound Received xxxxxxxx[?] amount
30: -ing in the whole to one hundred and forty pounds by two Equal moietys
31: on Every first Day of November and first Day of May During said
32: Demise over and above all manner of Taxes and Impossitions whatso
33: ever Quit and Crown Rent Excepted as also over and above the said
34: Reserved Rent the sum of twenty pounds yearly as a Cautionary or
35: Conditional Encreased Rent in case the said Thomas Meredith or his
36: heirs Shall at any time before the Expiration of the said Lease Alien
37: assign Transfer or make over his Estate in the said Demised prem[is]es
38: or any part thereof to any person or persons whatsoever other than
39: to his or their wife child or children without the approbation and consent
40: of the said Earl of Monrath his Heirs or assigns first had and obtained
41: in writing under his or their hand and seal the said conditional rent to be
42: paid by moietys in like manner with the said Reserved Rent with Several
43: other usual clauses and covenants between landlord and tenant as by
44: the same Relation being thereunto had may more at Large appear which
45: Lease is witness by Richard Monvell of Ballykelt in the County of Clare
46: gentleman and Rice Meredith of Rouinore in the Queen’s County afore[sai]d
47: gent and this Memorial as witnessed by the said Rice Meridith and
48: Thomas Mathews of the City of Dublin gent – Rice Meredith -
49: Witness present Rice Meredith Tho[ma]s Mathews – The above –
50: named Rice Meredith came this Day before me and made oath that he
51: is a subscribing witness to the said Lease whereof the above is a m[em]orial
52: and that he was present and saw the Reverend Charles Coote by virtue of a
53: power or letter of Att[orne]y under the hand and seal of the said Earl of Montrath
54: to him the said Charles Coote for that purpose Directed and to the said Lease
55: annexed Subscribed the name Montrath and affixed the seal of the said
56: Earl of Montrath to the said Indenture of lease and Delivered the Same as
57: the said Earls act and Deed to the said Thomas Meredith and at the same
58: time saw the said Thomas Meredith Duly Execute the same and this Dep[onen]t
59: Sayth that he is a Subscribing witness to the said Memorial and
60: that he this Depon[en]t as Eldest son and Heir at Law of his father the
61: Said Thomas Meredith (who is dead) Executed the above Memorial
62: and sayth that he this Depon[en]t Delivered the said Indenture of Lease
63: whereof the above is a memorial together with the above memorial
64: to Robert Meares gent Deputy Register at the Register office
65: in the Castle of Dublin on the fourth Day of June one thousand seven
66: hundred and sixty five at or near a Quarter of an hour after
67: Eleven o’Clock in the forenoon – Rice Meredith – Sworn before me
68: the fourth Day of June 1765 Cha[rle]s Meares Dep R[e]g[iste]r