The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

1776: deed no. 311-86-207141 Sharp to Meredith

Registry of Deeds 311-86-207141

No. 207141 Sharp to Meredith Reg[istere]d 12th Feb[rua]ry 1776 at 12 at noon

1: A Memorial of an Indented Deed of Lease bearing date the thirteenth day of Dec[embe]r
2: one thousand seven hundred and sixty eight and made between Anthony
3: Sharp of Roundwood in the Queens County Esq[ui]r[e] of the one part and Mathew
4: Meredith of Rerymore in the S[ai]d County Farmer of the other part Whereby the S[ai]d
5: Anthony Sharp for the cons[iderat]ions therein ment[ione]d did Demise and Set to the said
6: Mathew Meredith all that and those that [form] part of the Town and Lands of Clarahill
7: then in the poss[essio]n of the s[ai]d Mathew Meredith and formerly in the poss[ession] of Thomas
8: Meredith and his and their undertenants cont[ainin]g one hundred and fifty four acres or
9: thereabouts profitable Land plant[atio]n measure be the same more or less set lying and being
10: in the Barony of Tenehynch and Queens County aforesaid tog[ethe]r with liberty of Turbery
11: on the Mountain of Clarahill and Coolamoony suff[]s for the use of such person or
12: persons as sho[ul]d live on the prem[is]es during the said Demise as also liberty of usual
13: road or roads of Drawing the same Excepting and always reserving out of the said
14: Demise unto the s[ai]d Anthony Sharp his heirs and assigns all Timbers Trees and young
15: Growth of all woods and underwoods and all Quarries Mines Minerals Royalties whatsoever then
16: Standing growing or being or to stand grow or be in or upon the s[ai]d Demised prem[is]es or any part
17: thereof w[i]th full and free liberty for the s[ai]d Anthony Sharp his heirs and ass[ign]s to fell dig up and carry
18: away the same and also liberty for him and them and their serv[an]ts to hunt hawk and fish
19: and fowl upon the s[ai]d Demised prem[is]es or any part thereof To hold the s[ai]d prem[is]es with the
20: appur[tenance]s unto the s[ai]d Mathew Meredith (except as before excepted) his heirs and Assigns for and during
21: the Term of Ten years from the Twenty fifth day of March then last past and from and immediately
22: after the Determination of the s[ai]d Term then the s[ai]d Mathew Meredith to have and to hold the
23: s[ai]d Demised prem[is]es for the life of Lois Meredith other[wi]se Calcutt his wife at the
24: yearly rent of eighty pounds for the Term of Ten years and from and immediately after
25: such Determination the increase and additional rent of Ten pounds Ster[ling] for and during the
26: natural life of the s[ai]d Lois Meredith other[wi]se Calcutt to be paid as therein ment[ione]d
27: tog[ethe]r with the yearly duty of one hundred w[eigh]t of good and merchantable Cheese which said
28: Deed is witnessed by Dan[ie]l Delany of Castletown in the Queens County Gent and Joseph
29: Calcutt of Mountrath in the same County Esq[ui]r[e] and this mem[oria]l is witnessed by the s[ai]d
30: Joseph Calcutt and by Willcocks Robinson of the City of Dublin Gent – Matt[he]w Meredith seal
31: Signed and Sealed in the presence of – Jo Calcutt – Willcocks Robinson – The above named
32: Joseph Calcutt maketh oath that he saw the Deed of w[hi]ch the above writing is a mem[oria]l duly
33: Signed Sealed and Executed by the above named Anthony Sharp and Mathew
34: Meredith and that he also saw the s[ai]d Mathew Meredith duly sign and seal the
35: s[ai]d Mem[oria]l and Saith that he this Dep[onen]t is a subscribing witness to the s[ai[]d Deed
36: and Mem[oria]l and that the name Joseph Calcutt thereto resp[ective]ly subs[cribe]d as a witness
37: is this Dep[onen]ts proper name and hand writing and that he delivered the s[ai]d
38: Deed and Mem[oria]l to John Macabe Gent. Dep Reg[istra]r on the twelfth day of Feb[rua]ry
39: 1776 at or near twelve O Clock at noon – Jo Calcutt – Sworn before
40: me the 12th day of Feb[rua]ry 1776 – Jno Macabe Dep Reg