The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

1803: deed no. 553-511-370612 Meredith to Baldwin [marriage settlement]

Registry of Deeds 553-511-370612

[Partial transcription]

Deeds of lease and release by way of marriage settlement
23/24 Apr 1803 between 1. Rice Meredith of Rearymore 2. Charitie [sic] Baldwin
spinster daughter of Revd. John Baldwin of Castlecuffe 3. Philip Baldwin of
Clonegown King’s County and John Baldwin of Castlecuffe …. £800 marriage portion
of the sd. Charitie Baldwin to have been agreed to be vested in sd. Philip
Baldwin and John Baldwin for the purpose therein mentioned[?] granted bargained
sold released and confirmed Assigned and made over unto the sd. Philip B and
John B and the survivors of them and the heirs Exrs. Admns. of such survivors
All that and those that form part of the lands of Meelick called Derrisha
formerly in the possession of Michl. Dempsey containing 77 acres 3 roods and 24
perches Also that part of the sd. lands of Meelick called Derrylough formerly in
the poss. of Pat[?] Gorman containing 76 acres 1 r and 21 p Also all that part
of the sd. lands of Meelick formerly in the possn. of Patr. Macy[?] contg. 35 a
3 r 24 p and also 4 acres of grounds adjoining said xxxx holding formerly in the
possn. of Jas. Corcoran sitd. in the Queen’s County with the apps. and all the
Estate right title and interest of him the sd. Rice Meredith hath at xxx xxx xx
in equity of xxx and to the same to hold to the sd. Philip B and John B and the
survivors of them and heirs Excrs. Admns. and Assigns of such survivors so long
as the title and interest of the sd. Rice Meredith in sd. lands should continue
and the sd. Rice M did also xxxx, as far as he had any benefit in the interest
in the same grant convey assign and make over unto the sd. John B the sd. sum of
£800 to hold to the same Philip B and John B and the survivors [etc..] with the
lands and premises therein and hereto before mentioned to and for several uses
and purposes therein xxx the sd. Charitie B should happen to survive the sd.
Rice M then that sd. Philip B and John B and survivors [etc.] should permit and
xxxx the sd. Charitie and here assign during the term of her natural life if the
said demise should so long continue to xxx and to receive an annuity of £30 and
interest on £800 from the rent [Witnesses incl. Philip of Rerymore]