The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

Down Merediths

The Co. Down Merediths

The origins of the Meredith family line in Co. Down are centred on Newtownards. The earliest recorded Meredith there is William Meredith, a Weaver, who was born ca. 1800. He is named on the marriage certificates of three daughters, Agnes, Anne and Mary. It is assumed that the John Meredith who married Elizabeth Lawther, and from whom the Merediths of Newtownards descend to the present day, was also a son of this William Meredith.

There is a record of an earlier Meredith ancestor in Newtownards, George or William Meredith, born ca. 1814, who married Ann Clotworthy, with only one known descendant. It is not known how he relates to John Meredith.

The Meredith surname was sometimes recorded as Myrdie in the early records, which may be how the registrar heard it being pronounced. There were other variant spellings in the records such as Merideth, Merydith and Meredyth, but the standard spelling of Meredith will be adopted for this family line.

No connection has yet established between the Co. Down Merediths and other Irish Merediths, and their possible origins in early Wales are unknown.

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