The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

Other Family Lines

Other Family Lines

There are number of Meredith families in the Irish records who are not known to be connected with the major Family Lines documented on this website. Some of these unconnected families are listed below. Individuals with no known lineage are also included in the website, but their details need to be found through the Search facility.

1. Charles Meredyth of Dublin, Solicitor

Charles Meredyth (c1783-1850) was a Dublin Solicitor and Attorney at Law. He was listed in various Dublin trade directories from 1812 to 1846 in Jervis St., Abbey St., and Marlborough St. He was the only son of Charles Meredyth, a Cabinet maker of Glasnevin, who is thought to be the son of Thomas Meredith and Catherine Ducros from the Huguenot du Cros family that settled in Dublin. The descendants of Thomas and Catherine are shown on this Indented Chart.

The surname for this family line appears in the records mostly as Meredyth or Meridyth, and less frequently as Meredith. I have adopted the spelling that appears to have been most commonly used for each person.

2. Michael Meredith of Dublin, Bellows Maker

Michael Meredith (c1829-1872) was a Bellows Maker. He was listed in various Dublin trade directories of 1868 and 1870 in Plunket St. The business was carried on by his son Patrick Meredith in Francis St. until between 1901 and 1911. Another son, Thomas Alphonsus Meredith was ordained as an Augustinian priest and emigrated to Australia, where he served as Prior in Rochester, Victoria. A grandson Thomas Michael Meredith emigrated to Canada and then to the USA.