The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

Will of Bishop Richard Meredith

The Will of Richard Meredith, Bishop of Leighlin
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1 That lambe of god that dyed for my synnes to
2 hime I bequeath my soule and my bodie to be buried
3 in the north side of St Patricke Church beneth
4 Edwarde the consistorie[?] in the wall. Ite[m] whereas the
5 most reverend father in god Adam Archbishopp
6 of Dublin and L[ord] Channcelor of Ireland together
7 w[it]h Edward Loftus sonne to the saied most re=
8 verend Father and Adam Loftus gent sonne also to
9 the saied most reverend Father by their deede obliga=
10 toine beringe date the xxith day of Aprill 1597
11 stand bound unto me Richard Bishop of Leighlin
12 in the sum of one thousand poundes sterlinge cur=
13 rant and lawfull money of England in and at upon
14 the circumsic[i]on of o[ur] lord next ensuinge the date hereof
15 in at and upon the Font stone of St Patricke
16 in Dublin or [new?] Font place in St Patricke Church
17 aforesaied between the houres of xij and three
18 of the clocke in the after noone of the saied day
19 as by the said hand more at lardge doth and may
20 appeare I the said Ric[hard] Bishop of Leighlin for
21 the [pre]ferment in marriage of my Deare daughter Anne
22 Meredith do geve and bequeth as well the saied
23 bond as the iiij[..] hundred poundes by the saied bond
24 due to paied to the saied Anne by myne execu=
25 tors hereafter to be named. And whereas also the saied
26 most reverend Father and his saied two sonnes
27 Edward and Adam do [..] stande bounde
28 in an other bond of eighte hundred pounds beringe
29 date as aforesaied stand bound for the payment
30 of iiij[..] hundred pounds currant money of England
31 at the place and day aforesaied [...] shalbe
32 in the yeare of oure lord god 1598 as by the
33 said bond more at lardge appeareth.  I the saied
34 Richard Bishop of leighlin do geve and bequeth
35 the said second bond [...] the saied iiijth hundred
36 pounds theirin specified to the preferment in
37 marriage of my Daughters Margaret [and]
38 Ales equalle to be devided And my will is
39 that yf one of them three [departs?] this lyfe
40 before they shalbe lawfullie espoused 
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41 that then or there parte?] shall descend to the Surviv[or] or
42 Surviv[ors].   And I will also that yf any of my saied daugh=
43 ters shall defile their bodies w[it]h fornicatione before they
44 be lawfullie espoused in mariaige that then her or there
45 [parte?] shalbe wholly to the benefitt of them as live in the feare
46 of god and honest conversations. Item I geve to Thomas
47 Meredith my sonne all such leases as I have in his
48 name and to his use  w[it]h in this realem of Ireland
49 upon the [rente?] [wherof?] , my will is as soone as his
50 aige will [per]mitt he be kepte at skoole and mayntained
51 And for his further mayntenance I geve and 
52 bequethe [to] the saied Thomas my sonne the sum of
53 one hundred pounds, when he shall fully have accom=
54 plyshed the age of xxi yeares yf he obay the directio[n]
55 and government of his master, yf not, the saied hundred
56 pounds to waste[?].  Item my will is that my execut[ors]
57 shall pay to [Shane] O [Leighane] of Dublin [ cooke?]
58 for a lease that I boughte of the saied OLeigan
59 the sum of x[..]  [....] w[hic]h  lease and the benefitt
60 thereof shalbe converted to the saied Thomas
61 Item I do geve and bequeth to Robert my sonne
62 the sum of iij hundred pounds   [...]  together  w[it]h the 
63 remainder of such lands as I have in Pembrockshire in
64 Wales after the decease of his mother as by the deedes
65 and evidences thereof doth and may appeare. 
66 And for the [.][.] [.]   my will is that they shall
67 remaine in the occupac[ i]on and use of his mother, shee
68 putting in sufficient security [...] for the payment
69 of the foresaied [.][.][.][...]when he shall accomplysh
70 the aige of xxi yeares and in the meane tyme to
71 putt in the like equity for the yearly payment 
72 of the sum of twentie poundes to such [per]son or [per]sons
73 as I by this my will shall appoint to bringe up my
74 saied sonn his securyty to remaine from tyme to
75 tyme in the Custody of his Tutor. 
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76 Item the rest of all my goods cattell and chattels
77 plate houshoulde stuff or other detts by specialtys
78 or other wyse whatsoever as fully and amply as
79 yf they were here named  I geve unto Sara
80 Meredith my wyfe whom I do hereby ordayne
81 constitute and appointe my whole and sole executrix
82 [...] [...] for the iiij [hundred pounds] formerly bequethed to my
83 Daughter Anne and also the other iiij [hunded pounds]  w[hic]h I
84 gave bequeathed equally to be divided betweene
85 my daughters Margaret and Ales my will is [that]
86 the saied eight hundred pounds or anie [part?]
87 thereof shall [pre]sentlie w[it]hin one moneth after the
88 receipte thereof to be tendred to the Mayo[r] and
89 Corporatione of merchannts in Dublin upon good
90 sequrity under there Comen and Cyty seale [...]
91 for the repayment of the saied [som] to them offered
92 as for the yearly payment of the sum of vi[pounds?]
93 xiij[shillings?] iiij[pence?] [...] oute of every hundreth.   And yf
94 the saied mayor and corporac[i]on do refuse then
95 the same to be tendred to the cyty of Brystol
96 and London the saied sum of vi[pounds] xiij[shillings] iiij[pence] oute
97 of every [hundred]th pounds to be yearly bestowed [..]
98 the bringing up of my saied Children whose bodies
99 and bringinge up I referre to my executrix,
100 either to keepe  them or otherwyse to bestoue
101 them.  And I also pray and do give my good
102 cosen David Ellyse m[aster] of Arte to take unto
103 his chardge and bringinge up the bodie of my
104 saied sonne Robert.  And I do hereby appointe
105 the saied David Ellis his [Tutor?] overseer [and]
106 bringer up duringe his minoryty.  And that
107 this my will accordinge to the [firme?] meaninge
108 thereof may be [per]formed accomplyshed and putt
109 in execution I do appointe overseers also  of the 
---------------------[Page 4] -----------------------
110 same the most reverend Father in god the archbishop
111 of Dublin M[r] Richard Batho [pre]bendary of Typperkevin
112 M[r] David Ellis M[r] Anthonie Longhtoy 
113 Thomas Bay[..] or anie to of them whereof the said Ellis
114 to be one and in considerat[io]n of those paines
115 I do geve unto every one of them xl[pounds] [..] to make
116 every of them a ringe or a ringe of the same
117 valew to be delivered by my Executrix.  Item
118 I geve and bequeth to my [....] [Smyth] a
119 ringe of the same valew w[it]h his armes and
120 my name to be engraven.  Item I also geve
121 and bequeth unto M[r] David Ellis aforesaid
122 the whole [worcke] of St [Austen], Ambrose [...]
123 and Chist[...]me  and the rest of my books by
124 inventaire to be delivered unto hime upon his
125 security for the redelivery of the same or
126 such other of the like nature to my Sonne
127 Robert and Thomas or w[hic]h of them shalbe
128 founde likeliest by two of my overseeres to [..]
129 a[scholer and to doe good in gods church
130 And yf neither of them, then I geve the
131 saied bookes not bequethed to Mr Ellis aforesaid
132 by hime to be dispersed to the use of som
133 publick library of England or Ireland
134 at his discressione.   Item my expresse
135 will is that in consideratione of a p[romise?]
136 made by me in my late troubles in the
137 [towre?] that yf god in mercy would deliv[er] me 
----------------[Page 5] --------------------------
138 and [...] me, that then I would geve
139 to the Mayor Corporac[i]on and Aldermen of
140 the Cyty of Dublin or by anie other name
141 they are incorporated the sum of one
142 [100] pounds to be delivered by the
143 saied mayor and corporac[i]on of the saied
144 Cyty for the tyme beinge unto foure
145 or [too?] of the youngeste m[er]chants of the
146 saied Cyty for the space of iiij[..] yeares
147 and no longer for ever They the saied
148 yonge m[er]chants puttinge in  god and inde=
149 fesible securyty for the repayment of
150 the saied [100] pounds at the end of 
151 the saied foure yeares.    And also weekly
152 to pay in such place of the Cathedrall
153 Church of St Patricke Dublin as by
154 myne executrix shalbe appointed the sum
155 of iij[pounds?]  [..] viz xviij[th] in [beeste?] or [Fysh?]
156 accordinge to the tyme of the yeare and
157 xviij[th] in brede[?] every Sababth Day
158 Duringe the foure yeares. And therefore
159 in accomplyshment of my humble dutie
160 and [pro]myse made to my god and to
161 the benefitt of the poore I geve and
162 bequeth unto the mayor and corporac[i]on
163 aforesaied the saied sum of one hundred 
----------------[Page 6] ----------------------------
164 pounds to be delivered by my executrix w[it]hin one [year?]
165 after my decease to the rest of the younge m[er]chants
166 aforesaied and the saied three shillings in brede
167 beest and Fyshe accordinge to the tyme of the
168 yeare [and] at the daye before limited or named
169 to the use of three poore [....] [...] to be
170 named and appointed by the saied mayor and
171 Corporac[i]on for the tyme beinge for ever Provided
172 that yf the saied [100] pounds be not ymploied to
173 such uses and [per]sons as aforesaied by the saied mayor
174 and corporac[i]on but committed to some other private
175 commoditie that then the saied hundred pounds
176 shall [..] to the next of my [...] . The mayor
177 upon deliv[er]y of the saied hundred poundes by
178 myne executrix to putt in securitie to the use
179 aforesaied [under?] there Comen seale of there
180 saied Cyty to accomplysh [per]fecte and fulfill
181 the fine meaninge of this Legacie or else to
182 loose the benefitt of the same In witnesse
183 of this my last will and testament I
184 gave [herewith?] subscribed my name the xxviij th
185 Day of July 1597. In the presence of these
186 [per]sons undernamed
187 Thomas Say
188 Humfrey Jones
189 Concordat [..] originali
[Transcription: Keith Winters 2010]