The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

King's Inns Admissions

Meredith entries in Kings's Inn Admission Papers 1607-1867

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  • MEREDITH, Sir CHARLES. Chancellor of the Exchequer. 14 Dec. 1674.

  • MEREDITH, EDMUND ALLEN, 4th s. of Rev.Thomas, Ardtrea, Co. Tyrone, F.T.C.D., and Eliza Graves; b. 17 October 1817; ed. T.C.D. T 1838. L.I., H 1840. T 1843.

  • MEREDITH, GEORGE, s. of Boyle; under 18; afft. father. M 1856.

  • MEREDITH, JAMES CREED, 1st s. of Richard Martin, Cork, late Major, 13th P.A. Light Infantry, and Adelaide Creed; aged 21 on 17 Sept. 1863. ed. T.C.D., LL.B. H I860. G.I., T 1860. H 1863.

  • MEREDITH, JOHN. 3rd s. of Ralph, Dublin, attorney, decd., and Martha Chaytor; over 16; ed. Dublin; afft. mother. H 1801.

  • MEREDITH, JOHN COOKE, 1st s. of John, Temple Street, Dublin, attorney, and Magdaline Redmond; ed. T.C.D. M 1828,

  • MEREDITH RICHARD, attorney, E1785.

  • MEREDITH, RICHARD DUKE. 3rd s. of Richard Duke, Dublin, apothecary, and Ellen Harrison; over 16; ed. Sligo; afft. father, E 1819.

  • MEREDITH, WILLIAM, 2nd s. of Ralph, Dublin, attorney, decd., and Martha Chaytor; over 16; ed. T.CD.; afft. mother, M 1798. Bond M1804 (attorney Exchequer, E 1805 r).

  • MEREDITH, WILLIAM HENRY, 1st s. of William Rice, Dublin; under 17; afft. father, E 1866.

  • MEREDITH, WILLIAM RICE, 2nd s. of John, Dublin, and Magdalen Redmond; over 16; ed, T.C.D.; afft, John Cooke, brother. E 1834.

  • MEREDYTH, CHARLES, only s. of Charles, Glasnevin, Co, Dublin, cabinet maker, and Rebecca Molineux, decd.; over 16; ed St. Wolstan's, Co. Kildare; afft, Jane, wife of Alexander Laughlin. H 1799. Bond H 1804 (attorney Exchequer H 1804 r).

  • MEREDYTH, HENRY, attorney Common Pleas, n.d.

  • MEREDYTH. HENRY, 2nd s. of Sir John, Gardiners Place, Dublin, and Helen English; b. 4 June 1774; ed. T.C.D. M 1792, M.T., M 1795. June 1797.

  • MEREDYTH, JOHN, only s. of Thomas, Newtown, Meath, M.T, E 1771. H1773.

  • MEREDYTH (MERIDYTH), JOHN, 1st s, of Charles, 2 Lr, Abbey Street, Dublin, attorney, and Mary Bunn; over 16; cd. T.C.D.; afft. father. H 1828.

  • MEREDYTH, JOHN BARRY, only s. of Barry Colles, decd., and Bridget Dullard; over 16; ed. Kilkenny; afft mother. H 1829.

  • MEREDYTH, RALPH, attorney Exchequer, Dec, 1785, from King's Bench, ms.


b. - born; p.t. - privately taught; c. - circa; s. - son; d. - died; ed. - educated; ms - Manuscript volumes; n.d. - not dated;
H - Hilary Term; E - Easter Term; T - Trinity Term; M - Michaelmas Term


G.I. - Gray's Inn
I.T. - Inner Temple
L.I. - Lincoln's Inn
M.T. - Middle Temple
One date is usually the date of admission as a Student. Three dates, if given, are of admission as Student to King's Inns, of admission to an English Inn and of admission to degree of Barrister at King's Inns.

Apprentices to Attorneys

afft. - affidavit by parent, guardian or friend
ap. - apprentice
asst. - assignment of apprentice's indenture to a second master (e.g. on death of first master)
over 16 - aged over 16 years at date of application for admission as apprentice to an attorney
r - entry from Exchequer Roll