The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

Sligo Emigration

Emigration from the Sligo Family Line

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NameLifespanDate EmigratedDestinationSource
Duke ALLEN (ca. 1818-1884)1848AustraliaPassenger List
Susanna ARDAGH (ca. 1825-1913)1845Canada1901 Census
James Welby ARMSTRONG (ca. 1823-1861)aft. 1840USA
Roger BLACK (ca. 1798-1873)aft. 1841Canada
Edward DEMPSEY (ca. 1837-1910)1870USA1900 Census
Mary Jane DOHERTY (1879-1928)1903USA
Michael Henry FOX (1835-1911)1863AustraliaPassenger List
Thomas FOX (1862-1937)1878AustraliaPassenger List
Bridget McVANN (1864-1921)1889USAPassenger List
Charles MEREDITH (ca. 1842-1899)bef. 1871Canada
Dorinda MEREDITH (ca. 1858-1876)1862AustraliaPassenger List
Eleanor MEREDITH (ca. 1800-bef. 1871)aft. 1841Canada
Henry MEREDITH (1813-1868)ca. 1848Canada
Henry MEREDITH (ca. 1825-1895)1850CanadaPassenger List
Henry MEREDITH (1844-1917)1866Canada1901 Census
Henry Stephen MEREDITH (1881-1916)ca. 1912Australia
Henry William MEREDITH (1820-1888)1845CanadaObituary
Isabella MEREDITH (1830-1910)1860Canada1901 Census
James MEREDITH (1817-1872)? 1841Canada
John MEREDITH (1852-1933)1869USA1930 Census
John James MEREDITH (1853-1918)1884USA
Maggie MEREDITH (1885-)ca. 1901USA
Margaret MEREDITH (1830-1857)1848Australia
Mary MEREDITH (1860-1944)1862AustraliaPassenger List
Mary MEREDITH (1870-)1875USA1900 Census
Matthew MEREDITH (ca. 1802-)1852USAPassenger List
Matthew MEREDITH (1839-1917)ca. 1848Canada
Olivia MEREDITH (ca. 1836-1903)1870USA1900 Census
Patrick MEREDITH (1892-)1914USAPassenger List
Thomas MEREDITH (1810-1895)1829Canada
Thomas MEREDITH (1820-1867)1862AustraliaPassenger List
Thomas MEREDITH (1849-1905)ca. 1872USA
Thomas Jackson MEREDITH (1861-1903)1862AustraliaPassenger List
Thomas John MEREDITH (1863-1934)1882USA1900 Census
Ellen Gertrude NEALON (1880-)1900USAPassenger List
Bartholomew OWENS (1864-1897)1889USAPassenger List
Dorathea REA (1838-1925)1862AustraliaPassenger List