The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

Rearymore Merediths

The Rearymore Merediths

The counties of Laois (the former Queen's Co.) and Sligo had the largest numbers of Meredith families in Ireland in the late 18th and throughout the 19th centuries. The Merediths in Queen's Co. were concentrated in two areas, the parishes of Rearymore and Clonenagh.

The earliest recorded Meredith ancestor in Rearymore was Rice Meredith, who was buried in the churchyard of St. Brigid's, Rosenallis in 1732, aged 72. The adjacent burial plot is that of Thomas Meredith (c1702-1761) so it highly likely that Thomas was a son of Rice, although there is no documentary evidence. Adjacent to both is the burial plot of Mathew Meredith (c1743-1793) who is known to be the son of Thomas.

The 1761 will of Thomas Meredith names a cousin John. It is possible that this is John Meredith (c1712-1786) of Templeraney, thus connecting the Rearymore and Wicklow Merediths. A genetic relationship between the two family lines has been confirmed by y-DNA analysis of Meredith descendants of the two branches.

The diagram on the right illustrates this speculative relationship, and it is shown in more detail on this Schematic Diagram.

There are two distinct lines of descent from Thomas Meredith (c1702-1761):

  • Mathew Meredith (c1743-1793) a younger son of Thomas who lived at Rearymore House, from whom there are descendants in Ireland, UK and Canada. His residence of Rearymore House was built in 1771 and has survived to the present day.
  • Rice Meredith (c1738-1817) an elder son who lived at Reary Valley, known also as Clonygark, from whom there are numerous descendants in Ireland, Australia, Canada, UK, USA and South Africa. An extensive branch formed from Rice's son Charles ‘Coote’ Meredith, for which there is a comprehensive account at this link. A great-grandson, also called Rice Meredith, was a famous racehorse trainer in Ireland.

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