The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

Rearymore Emigration

Emigration from the Rearymore Family Line

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NameLifespanDate EmigratedDestinationSource
Camille HIGGIN (ca. 1859-1929)1919CanadaPassenger List
Anne JERMYN (ca. 1836-1900)1885Canada
Cecilia Frances Vize McCREIGHT (1866-1949)1913USAPassenger List
Alexander G. MEREDITH (1861-)1873CanadaPassenger List
Anna Frances Baldwin MEREDITH (1909-1942)1913USAPassenger List
Cecilia Creighton MEREDITH (1904-1979)1913USAPassenger List
Charles James MEREDITH (1869-1913)1894South AfricaGPassenger List
Evelyn Rice MEREDITH (1883-1916)1906Canada1906 Census
John Baldwin Hoystead MEREDITH (1864-1942)1888AustraliaBiography
John Joseph MEREDITH (1867-1943)1912USAPassenger List
John Warburton MEREDITH (1902-1986)1912USAPassenger List
Kathleen Mary Honner MEREDITH (1908-)1913USAPassenger List
Mathew MEREDITH (bef. 1794-)bef. 1820Canada
Philip John MEREDITH (ca. 1824-1904)ca. 1851USA
William MEREDITH (1852-1921)1919CanadaPassenger List
William Eric Lewin MEREDITH (1885-1948)bef. 1911Canada
William Godfrey Baldwin MEREDITH (1906-1974)1913USAPassenger List
Julia SMITH (ca. 1831-1890)ca. 1851USA
Eliza G. THOMAS (ca. 1833-1899)1873CanadaPassenger List
Harriett Eveline WATERS (1865-1919)1890AustraliaBiography