The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

Notable and distinguished Merediths and related families in various spheres

Notable and distinguished Merediths and related families in various spheres:

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Charles Richard Martin MEREDITH (1933-2013)Irish jazz musician and saxophonist, performing as Rock Fox (a pun on Foxrock in Dublin, a childhood home)
Thomas PERRY (ca. 1744-1818)Renowned violin maker of Dublin, the ‘Irish Stradivarius’. Formed a partnership with his son-in-law William Wilkinson.


Rev. James Edmund BURTON (ca. 1776-1850)A missionary who established and led the Anglican Mission of Christ Church in Rawdon, Québec Province, from 1821-1834, before retiring back to Ireland
Most Rev. Dr. John Joseph CLANCY (1855-1912)Consecrated as Bishop of Elphin at the early age of 39, he was a skilled orator, devoted to the poor and to their education.
Ven. William Albany MACOURT (1919-2014)Archdeacon of Down from 1980 to 1989.
Richard (Bishop Of Leighlin) MEREDITH (ca. 1550-1597)Came to Ireland in 1584 as the chaplain to Sir John Perrott. Appointed Bishop of Leighlin in 1589. He is the earliest Irish Meredith for whom there is a documented lineage.
Rev. Robert Rhoden MEREDITH (1836-1919)A pastor at the Tompkins Avenue church in Brooklyn, which he grew to become one of the largest Congregational churches in the country.
Rev. Thomas MEREDITH (ca. 1775-1819)Rector of Ardtrea in Co. Tyrone and a mathematician. Associated with the poet Charles Wolfe, and the curious subject of a ghost story linking his death to shooting a ghost with a silver bullet.
Harry Vere Dawson WHITE (1853-1941)Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert and Aghaboe from 1921 to 1933.


Hugh Owen MEREDITH (1878-1964)Professor of Economics at Queen’s University, Belfast. He was the dedicatee of E.M. Forster’s novel ‘A Room with a View’.
Sir James Creed MEREDITH (1842-1912)Joint secretary of the Royal University of Ireland (1880-1909), then secretary of the National University of Ireland. Knighted in 1899 for services to Education.
Kathleen Eileen MEREDITH (1887-1973)An inspirational teacher and headmistress who established Pembroke School in Dublin in 1929, known universally as “Miss Meredith’s”. She was from Dicksgrove, Co. Kerry.
William Campbell James MEREDITH (1904-1960)Dean of McGill University Faculty of Law (1950-1960), Macdonald Professor of Law in 1955, and director of the Institute of Air and Space Law in 1958.
Dr William Edward (’Ted’) NEVILL (1925-2006)Professor of Geology at the University of Cork and founder of the Department. The annual Ted Nevill Lecture Series was established in his memory in 2008


Charles Theodore BAUER (1919-2004)An educational philanthropist and co-founder of the Houston-based Aim Management Group, which he built to be the 7th largest company of its kind.
Charles MEREDITH (1854-1928)President of the Montreal Stock Exchange from 1901 to 1905.
Sir Henry Vincent MEREDITH (1850-1929)Elected President of the Bank of Montreal in 1913. Created a Baronet of the United Kingdom in 1916.


Henry MEREDITH (ca. 1777-1812)Governor of Winneba in the former Gold Coast, murdered by natives in 1812. Author of “An Account of the Gold Coast of Africa”
Sir John MEREDITH, 1st Bart (1742-1799)High Sheriff of Co. Meath and knighted in 1783. Created Baronet of Carlanstown in 1795
Sir Robert MEREDITH (aft. 1576-1668)Member of the Irish Parliament at various times between 1613 and 1661. Appointed Chancellor of the Irish Exchequer in 1661. Son of Richard, Bishop of Leighlin.
William MEREDITH (1772-1849)Lived at Dicksgrove. Appointed High Sheriff of Co. Kerry in 1803 for the year.


Kenneth Elliott MEREDITH (1922-2012)Served for over 20 years as a Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
Sir Herbert Ribton MEREDITH (1890-1959)Chief Justice of the Patna High Court in India.
James Creed MEREDITH (1875-1942)President of the Supreme Court of the Irish Republic, Chief Judicial Commissioner of Ireland and a Judge of the High Court and the Supreme Court of Ireland.
Richard Edmund MEREDITH (1855-1916)Appointed Judge of the Supreme Court of Ireland in 1896 and Master of the Rolls in Ireland in 1906.
Hon. Richard Martin MEREDITH (1847-1934)President of the High Court of the Supreme Court of Ontario from 1905 and Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Common Pleas from 1912.
Sir William Ralph MEREDITH (1840-1923)Chancellor of the University of Toronto from 1900 and Chief Justice of Ontario from 1913 until his death in 1923.
Sir William Collis MEREDITH (1812-1894)Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Québec from 1866 till 1884. Knighted in 1886.


Sir Frederick Grant BANTING (1891-1941)Awarded the 1923 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for the co-discovery of insulin and its therapeutic properties. His name is commemorated in Toronto's Banting Institute, the Banting Research Foundation and the annual Banting Lectures.
Sarah GRAY (1859-1941)Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland) in 1900. Elected the first woman president of the Nottingham Medico-Chirurgical Society in 1921/2.


Charles Geoffrey MEREDITH (1922-1977)He was awarded the Military Medal in 1945 for "acts of gallantry and devotion to duty under fire” during the WW2 Italian campaign
Sir Charles Warburton MEREDITH (1896-1977)Air Officer Commanding of the Rhodesian Air Training Group and Air Vice-Marshal during WW2. Appointed KBE in 1947.
Thomas MEREDITH (ca. 1665-1719)MP in both Irish and English Parliaments. Lieutenant General in the army serving under the Duke of Marlborough. Great-grandson of Richard, Bishop of Leighlin.


George WILLOUGHBY (ca. 1867-1947)Chief Superintendent in the Dublin Metropolitan Police and the Civic Guard

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Carew Arthur MEREDITH (1904-1976)A mathematician and influential logician, known for his work on condensed detachment, a method of finding the most general possible conclusion given two formal logical statements.
Francis Matthew Peter MEREDITH (1923-1978)A research chemist at Aluminium Labs., Banbury, who worked on surface coatings and recycling. Inventor of a patent ‘Recovery of coated aluminium scrap’.
Frederick William MEREDITH (1895-1980)A renowned research scientist who was also a Soviet spy. His discovery of the 'Meredith Effect' and invention of the electric autopilot were important in the development of aviation, through WW2 and subsequently.


Henry William ('harry') DOWD (1938-2015)Goalkeeper and FA Cup winner who made 181 appearances during a nine-year career with Manchester City Football Club.
Mathew Wilson Alphonso MEREDITH (1894-1973)Riding Master, Horse Breaker and Horse Dealer, once described as “a poem on a horse”
Rice MEREDITH (ca. 1850-1897)Racehorse breeder and outstanding flat race trainer, a thrice winner of the Irish Derby