The Irish Merediths

Meredith families who settled in Ireland and their descendants

Notable People

Notable and distinguished Merediths and related families in various spheres:


Charles Richard Martin MEREDITH (1933-2013)Irish jazz musician and saxophonist, performing as Rock Fox (a pun on Foxrock in Dublin, a childhood home)
Thomas PERRY (ca. 1744-1818)Renowned violin maker of Dublin, the ‘Irish Stradivarius’. Formed a partnership with his son-in-law William Wilkinson.


Rev. James Edmund BURTON (ca. 1776-1850)A missionary who established and led the Anglican Mission of Christ Church in Rawdon, Québec Province, from 1821-1834, before retiring back to Ireland
Most Rev. Dr. John Joseph CLANCY (1855-1912)Consecrated as Bishop of Elphin at the early age of 39, he was a skilled orator, devoted to the poor and to their education.
Ven. William Albany MACOURT (1919-2014)Archdeacon of Down from 1980 to 1989.
Richard (Bishop Of Leighlin) MEREDITH (ca. 1550-1597)Came to Ireland in 1584 as the chaplain to Sir John Perrott. Appointed Bishop of Leighlin in 1589. He is the earliest Irish Meredith for whom there is a documented lineage.
Rev. Robert Rhoden MEREDITH (1836-1919)A pastor at the Tompkins Avenue church in Brooklyn, which he grew to become one of the largest Congregational churches in the country.
Rev. Thomas MEREDITH (ca. 1775-1819)Rector of Ardtrea in Co. Tyrone and a mathematician. Associated with the poet Charles Wolfe, and the curious subject of a ghost story linking his death to shooting a ghost with a silver bullet.
Harry Vere Dawson WHITE (1853-1941)Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert and Aghaboe from 1921 to 1933.


Hugh Owen MEREDITH (1878-1964)Professor of Economics at Queen’s University, Belfast. He was the dedicatee of E.M. Forster’s novel ‘A Room with a View’.
Sir James Creed MEREDITH (1842-1912)Joint secretary of the Royal University of Ireland (1880-1909), then secretary of the National University of Ireland. Knighted in 1899 for services to Education.
Kathleen Eileen MEREDITH (1887-1973)An inspirational teacher and headmistress who established Pembroke School in Dublin in 1929, known universally as “Miss Meredith’s”. She was from Dicksgrove, Co. Kerry.
William Campbell James MEREDITH (1904-1960)Dean of McGill University Faculty of Law (1950-1960), Macdonald Professor of Law in 1955, and director of the Institute of Air and Space Law in 1958.
Dr William Edward (’Ted’) NEVILL (1925-2006)Professor of Geology at the University of Cork and founder of the Department. The annual Ted Nevill Lecture Series was established in his memory in 2008


Charles Theodore BAUER (1919-2004)An educational philanthropist and co-founder of the Houston-based Aim Management Group, which he built to be the 7th largest company of its kind.
Charles MEREDITH (1854-1928)President of the Montreal Stock Exchange from 1901 to 1905.
Sir Henry Vincent MEREDITH (1850-1929)Elected President of the Bank of Montreal in 1913. Created a Baronet of the United Kingdom in 1916.


Henry MEREDITH (ca. 1777-1812)Governor of Winneba in the former Gold Coast, murdered by natives in 1812. Author of “An Account of the Gold Coast of Africa”
Sir John MEREDITH, 1st Bart (1742-1799)High Sheriff of Co. Meath and knighted in 1783. Created Baronet of Carlanstown in 1795
Sir Robert MEREDITH (aft. 1576-1668)Member of the Irish Parliament at various times between 1613 and 1661. Appointed Chancellor of the Irish Exchequer in 1661. Son of Richard, Bishop of Leighlin.
William MEREDITH (1772-1849)Lived at Dicksgrove. Appointed High Sheriff of Co. Kerry in 1803 for the year.


Kenneth Elliott MEREDITH (1922-2012)Served for over 20 years as a Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
Sir Herbert Ribton MEREDITH (1890-1959)Chief Justice of the Patna High Court in India.
James Creed MEREDITH (1875-1942)President of the Supreme Court of the Irish Republic, Chief Judicial Commissioner of Ireland and a Judge of the High Court and the Supreme Court of Ireland.
Richard Edmund MEREDITH (1855-1916)Appointed Judge of the Supreme Court of Ireland in 1896 and Master of the Rolls in Ireland in 1906.
Hon. Richard Martin MEREDITH (1847-1934)President of the High Court of the Supreme Court of Ontario from 1905 and Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Common Pleas from 1912.
Sir William Ralph MEREDITH (1840-1923)Chancellor of the University of Toronto from 1900 and Chief Justice of Ontario from 1913 until his death in 1923.
Sir William Collis MEREDITH (1812-1894)Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Québec from 1866 till 1884. Knighted in 1886.


Sir Frederick Grant BANTING (1891-1941)Awarded the 1923 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for the co-discovery of insulin and its therapeutic properties. His name is commemorated in Toronto's Banting Institute, the Banting Research Foundation and the annual Banting Lectures.
Sarah GRAY (1859-1941)Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland) in 1900. Elected the first woman president of the Nottingham Medico-Chirurgical Society in 1921/2.


Charles Geoffrey MEREDITH (1922-1977)He was awarded the Military Medal in 1945 for "acts of gallantry and devotion to duty under fire” during the WW2 Italian campaign
Sir Charles Warburton MEREDITH (1896-1977)Air Officer Commanding of the Rhodesian Air Training Group and Air Vice-Marshal during WW2. Appointed KBE in 1947.
Thomas MEREDITH (ca. 1665-1719)MP in both Irish and English Parliaments. Lieutenant General in the army serving under the Duke of Marlborough. Great-grandson of Richard, Bishop of Leighlin.


George WILLOUGHBY (ca. 1867-1947)Chief Superintendent in the Dublin Metropolitan Police and the Civic Guard

Science & Mathematics

Carew Arthur MEREDITH (1904-1976)A mathematician and influential logician, known for his work on condensed detachment, a method of finding the most general possible conclusion given two formal logical statements.
Francis Matthew Peter MEREDITH (1923-1978)A research chemist at Aluminium Labs., Banbury, who worked on surface coatings and recycling. Inventor of a patent ‘Recovery of coated aluminium scrap’.


Henry William ('harry') DOWD (1938-2015)Goalkeeper and FA Cup winner who made 181 appearances during a nine-year career with Manchester City Football Club.
Mathew Wilson Alphonso MEREDITH (1894-1973)Riding Master, Horse Breaker and Horse Dealer, once described as “a poem on a horse”
Rice MEREDITH (ca. 1850-1897)Racehorse breeder and outstanding flat race trainer, a thrice winner of the Irish Derby